19 replies on “Brazil v. Japan – London Olympics 2012 Women Football Highlights (Quarterfinals)”

  1. yep that is true. However I would like to retract my statement and that actually AFTER they do well the women’s Japanese team is very popular- but only after they win which is really quite lame

  2. wow, can’t believe that a team undermaned and under budget is the worlds no 2. japan’s women’s football team had even traveled economy to london. but what a performance. sad tho, the finals was ruined for me when twitter jerks flodded my feed. 🙁

  3. thank u for posting diz awesome highlights. really appreciate it!!! :)..does anyone know where can i get a full vid?

  4. don’t worry douche if they are cheating in a world level class like this, i am pretty sure you won’t have to sweat a breath the people over sees this will take action. But, you are blind and ignorant so go fuck yourself.

  5. I love both these teams, and I didn’t know who to cheer for. I’m just glad that the team that played better won the game.

  6. it is growing but its the olympics…so less countries = less viewers and focus and availability. germany isnt even in it.

  7. It’s a pity more people don’t pay attention to women’s soccer, even in Japan where their team is basically #1 it still isn’t big 🙁

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