25 replies on “Brazil football legend Socrates dies at 57”

  1. Very skillful soccer player(RIP) But here’s what I find ironic. He was practicing medicine, but how he’d tell patience to cure their problem when he was consumed himself in alcohol and smoking habits ? Did he care about his health knowing exactly what he was doing, even more beeing a certified Doctor ?

  2. Ah, I never saw this news before, that’s sad news to find out, what a player he’d have been, complete footballing legend.

  3. …poor kid, I know that nobody loves you and all you need is a lil attention.

    But “once poor, always poor”

    Keep on barking, forgettable lil nothing! 😀

  4. RIP Socrates, the world of football enjoyed your artistry and mourns your passing

  5. The great Dr. Socrates. The world will forever remember you as one of the best players of the game. “the heel pass perfectionist”. You had so much class and played the game with so much elegance. RIP Socrates. Te recordare por siempre!!

  6. hes a millionares and hes news because obviously the large part of the world population gives a fuck about Socrates. Unlike you, a little faggot loser who nobody , even your family, will miss when u die.

  7. What an absolute legend. Today’s footballers should really have a good look at themselves. Ex brazil captain who played on a wage incomparable to theirs, and trained as a doctor and won the respect of the world before dying at a relatively young age! RIP Socrates, a true role model and football legend!!!

  8. r.i.p socrates. great footballer, peace be with you and your family. love from liverpool.

  9. ah god just go n shag your mother u jumped up little fuck. yes he was a fucking good footballer so that makes him so much more important than all the other hundreds of thousands of people who died today does it. stupid cunt. I hope u die of AIDS the same as socrates did.

  10. Honestly you’re showing ignorance since you don’t know this man or the sport… GTFO

  11. – So why are you even commenting on something you care so little about, other than to show us what a poisonous and mean-spirited individual you obviously are?

  12. oh for fucks sake, so some guys just died after becoming a millionaire cos he happened to be good at kicking a fucking ball around and were really meant to give a flying fuck about it are we???? yes i know it’ll be a tragedy to his familt but why should the rest of the planet give a fucking shit. i certainly don’t. fuck him and fuck u itnnews for bringing us this shit

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