15 replies on “Beautiful Brazilian Style Football – Flair and Grace (By Ahsan Karim)”

  1. we are preparing the most fantastic party at Brazil. The World Cup 2014. If you like football just like us, you will enjoy what Brazil have a lot pleasure to do. Join with us.

  2. Mais que nada and even though the Black Eyed Peas play here, the music is from the one and only Sergio Mendes and his Brasil 66′

  3. i agree, if he didnt start going out and partying, he would of EASILY become the player is history!

  4. Ronaldinho was a great player in the past, he had amazing skills and performed very well. Now he has gone down, it is a shame your right

  5. Yeah you´re right.What I mean is that no one of the players you wrote had the talent of Ronaldinho.That i remember the only two Brazillians who where professionals throughout their entire carreers are Roberto Carlos and Cafú

  6. Haven’t you recognized this in a lot of Brazil players? Such as Robinho didn’t he also lose his prime at a very young age? Same goes for Kaká and Adriano Leite Ribeiro I mean haven’t you seen that are they lazy when they have a lot of money it’s a shame really I hope this doesn’t happen with the new upcoming Brazilian talents such as Neymar, Lucas etc.

  7. Ronaldinho had all to become the best in history. As a Real Madrid fan it was a joy watch Barcelona games just because of him. It`s a shame he let go himself this way…

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