25 replies on “ARGENTINA 4-3 BRAZIL MESSI HATTRICK AMAZING GOALS Friendly Game 09 06 2012”

  1. If people still think messi isn’t one of the greatest than you sir are a completely blind dumbass

  2. so funny the guys that say cry baby ronaldo is better then MESSI….!!!!!! Messi has class not just a great player…ronaldo cries all the time and alway puts down his nemesis !!!! ronaldo hate to be in the same generation as THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER…MESSI…..

  3. ronaldo is a forward… he plays left wing which is considered a forward position. Not to mention that ronaldo stays up high and does not drop at all… ronaldo is still a great great player, but messi is simply on another level

  4. Messi is better than Ronaldo in some aspects and Ronaldo is better in some aspects. But in terms of a complete attacking player, I would honestly say players like Drogba (in his prime) and Zlatan are better considering what they’ve done for their respective clubs AND their countries.

  5. Messi hasn’t been a pure forward since 2009. He plays a false 9 role which means he is moved down towards them middle a lot.

  6. messi not phenomenon Warcry800…messi cannot called phenomenon..messi only raw boy if compare with ronaldo brazil..messi only kid for ronald brazil…

  7. Are you silly? C. Ronaldo isn’t a forward like messi… It’s quite remarkable how Ronaldo manages to score so much yet still plays at left midfield most of the time.
    I put them on the same level tbh.

  8. poorest Brazilian team in decades but still, amazing goals for an amazing player

  9. Better with the left foot? Are you crazy? And then why does Messi score more than him? And if you bring up Xavi and Iniesta I’ll bring up Xabi Alonso, Mesut Ozil, and Angel di Maria. Not to mention Benzema and Higuein are two of the best passing strikers in the game. And say “die haters” while you’re hating on Messi? You aren’t bright are you?

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