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  1. No you’re not! Why is Ronaldo better this season??
    Apps:59 Apps:54
    Assist:28  Assist:15
    And Messi always plays better.Also he beat many records.He score 5 goals in match in Uefa Champion League! He is top scorer of Uefa Champions League

  2. Messi Was Born And Raised In Barcelona By The Legends And I Hope He Also Does The Same.

  3. Messi have been better than Cristiano Ronaldo last three years, but this season Cristiano Ronaldo have been better than Messi and he deserves Ballon d’oro.
    Thumbs up if u think that im right

  4. well at least ronaldo dosent need the best club team in history barca who are virtully the great spain team behind him,,he also dosent need favourtism to get the nod to win ballon d or and other induval awards,,,ronaldos a prooven legend in 2 teams,,whereas messis a legend in the best team ever,,,and for certin you pur messi and ronaldo on the same team ronald owould be the star and top scorer,,yes messi would assist more but ronaldo would be top dog of the club,,thats why hees the best

  5. Who do you think is the best player in the wrold?
    in football history.
    this is my list:
    2.the LEGEND Ronaladinho
    3.you 🙂
    so tell me is that true?

  6. lol are you the real messi,like messi messi
    or you’re fake lol?
    cuz i dont think messi watch youtube videos

  7. Plzzz watch this video i made of Lionel Messis TOP 15 DRIBBLES 08-12.. heres the link >>>>> sj08w-rCfN8

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